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We’ve Got the Buns!

I've got the po-wer! Bun power!!

Whoo-whee, it's bun-believable how much I love to bake. And lucky for me, I'm not the only one who enjoys a good bake. Every Friday, the Bun Crew assembles to make delicious buns/rolls/biscuits/etc. for the entire community...which is about 40-45 people!

Thankfully, we have a solid Bun Crew: Scilla, Allium, Kalmia & Buttercup (our fearless leader). And they each have their areas of expertise.

Scilla: she's the butter queen. It just might be one of her favorite things to eat and she'll routinely ask if we need butter for the recipe, how much butter, if we're running low on butter, etc.

Allium: she's the head manager and operations director. It's not unusual for Allium to know exactly what everyone is doing (both during bun crew and beyond). She knows everyone's schedules and keeps the team on track.

Kalmia: she's our safety and human resources point-person. Kalmia understands that baking is whisky business, so she takes her time, plans her moves carefully and is always quick with a smile.

Buttercup: she's the actual head honcho and fearless leader. Buttercup leads in a way that isn't demanding or oppressive; her requests will have you saying, "As you wish."

Anyways, I could wax poetic about the beauty of baking, or how nourishing it is for the soul to feed others' bodies, but muffin compares to a bun pun, especially when I'm on a roll. So, I'll leave(n) you with the yeast amount of words: I couldn't have asked for a better Bun Crew to bake the world a batter place!

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