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On the Road and Also, What’s In Your Bag?

Hello! Welcome to the journey. Let me catch you up to speed. I’m a teacher on Whidbey Island, for people who are neurodivergent. My students are the best humans on Earth. They are constantly teaching and reminding me of what really matters most in adventuring!

Through a friend, I found out about intentional living community for adults with special needs. This organization really caught my attention because where I live there aren’t any services for the students that I work with. As I was researching, I began thinking about the future lives of my students. Would they be able to live independently? Experience life outside of their family dynamics? And what would happen to them when their parents weren’t around anymore?

Fast forward a few months through emails, conversations, applications, interviews and packing and you’re all caught up to the present moment. I told my families about this amazing opportunity to witness and live in this Camphill community myself. With some nervousness, but mostly excitement, I set out on this journey: 900 miles to Camphill in California.

This blog is essentially a virtual time capsule of this experience. A way to store away the treasures and tidbits I want to remember along the way. For example, the things I brought with me for this 8 week trip. I find it interesting to think about what each one of us needs (or thinks they might need) on an adventure or journey.

I'll save you the tedium of listing every item that's currently in my Honda Accord and just give the highlights: my road bike disassembled in the backseat, ukulele, gardening, supplies, art supplies, picnic blanket, longboard, pickleball set, some of my favorite books, a couple of library books, a handful of knickknacks that remind me of home, camping gear, a varied assortment of teas and a Costco sized jar of pickles.

As I reflect on this newest chapter, I’m humbled and grateful for every opportunity that’s been given along the way. I’m incredibly thankful for all the wonderful people who have helped and encouraged this journey. And I smile thinking that there will most likely be a space for my weird, playful and authentic self at Camphill…pickleball set and all!

What I’d like to bring…

What I actually bring…

What I threw in last minute!

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