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How to "Home" Anywhere

Updated: May 12

If you've ever had to be away from home, whether it's for a few hours or a few months, you know that it can feel uncomfortable. Personally, I don't like feeling uncomfortable! So, through the years I've developed a system that works for me...helping me feel safe and comfortable just about anywhere while I'm away from home. Here's my system. I hope that sharing it helps you create your own!

  1. Start by thinking about the 6 senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and heart!

  2. Choose something to take with you that corresponds with each sense. Examples:

    1. Sight: Pick something that visually reminds you of home. For me, it's all about the lighting. Long trips: A strand of LED twinkle/Christmas lights. Short trips: Rose colored glasses make everything feel homey! Other ideas: tapestries, trinkets, artwork, etc.

    2. Sound: Try to re-create sounds from home. For me, it's basically anything that's calming. Long trips: Downloaded podcasts (like Gardening with the RHS) and the Calm app (I love the sound of a river). Short trips: Favorite album downloaded (anything Fleetwood Mac). Other ideas: sound machines, earplugs, YouTube live Jazz or coffeeshop sounds, etc.

    3. Smell: If you don't have a familiar home scent, start training yourself now! For me, I burn a lot of candles. Long trips: Elm Design organic soy candles, they come in an assortment of sizes and metal tins, perfect for traveling. Short trips: A spritz of perfume or even better, a wildflower in the hair or pocket. Other ideas: lotion, essential oil, etc.

    4. Taste: My personal favorite! Nothing can make you feel more at home than a familiar bite/flavor. Long trips: Travel mug with an assortment of favorite teas, spice blends or hot sauce! Short trips: Travel mug with tea, I seriously don't leave home without it. Other ideas: lip balm, mints, assortment of gums, etc.

    5. Touch: Who doesn't feel comfortable wrapped in a cozy blanket or sweater? Long trips: Fuzzy blanket, hands down, also an alpaca poncho is both warm and multi-purpose. Short trips: Favorite sweater/shirt/cardigan or comfy footwear. Other ideas: jewelry (especially something you like fiddling with), lotion again works here, mini fans, etc.

    6. Heart: Okay, this isn't really one of the five senses, but I'm including it because it should be one! This category is for any matters of the heart or anything that could be spiritual in nature. Long trips: Printed photos of my beloved friends and family (this includes pets) and an oracle or Tarot card deck. Short trips: I usually take my puppy girl, Shiloh, with me. Other ideas: bringing along a friend or loved one...certain people can make us feel the most at home, anything that helps reconnect you with yourself, your surroundings and spirit.

And that's really all there is to it! Remember your 6 senses when preparing to leave the house, whether for a short while or an extended trip and you'll be able to make yourself feel right at home. Happy homing!

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