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Here, We’re All Peers

Updated: May 18

Here, at Camphill, there isn't a distinction between those who reside here and those who work here...because most of the people involved with Camphill also reside here too.

In this community, there are no labels thrown around. Here we use names and stories to describe a person, not their medical condition or diagnosis.

Here, we are all peers. It's Camphill's philosophy to live, work and grow alongside one another. We all share in the day-to-day tasks: cooking, cleaning, working, participating, etc. We all share in one another's triumphs and offer support during times of difficulty. Everyone contributes in ways that are meaningful and personal to the individual...filling a space that could only be filled by their unique self.

The people here at Camphill operate out of the belief that everyone is capable...everyone deserves dignity...and we all yearn to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Together we are strong.

Life on this campus and in these homes goes beyond merely inclusion, but rather nurtures a sense of belonging.

Here, we're all peers.

Our Tuesday morning Ishi gardening crew!

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