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Gearing Up in Gresham (AKA: Portland's Garage)

When I think about what really matters in life, I continually land on this: time spent with your best friend(s). I'm fortunate enough to have one of these glorious humans less than four hours away. As I traveled south towards Camphill, it seemed appropriate to stop and spend time with my oldest, dearest and bestest-best friend.

Sara and I became fast friends in middle school when I accidentally kicked her in the head while swinging on the swings with my eyes closed (probably while also belting out Fleetwood Mac). After walking her to the nurse's office that day, we became close friends and fairly inseparable. Today, she lives in Gresham with her husband and two beautiful daughters. They lovingly allowed me to stay with them for a few days, helping out with their toddler and newborn and in exchange, filling up on friendship fuel.

What I’ll remember and treasure most: Baby cuddles, energetic toddlers, matching outfits, late night giggle fests, Hobbit themed birthdays, the wrong chai, Saturday walks to Home Depot, coffee dates, rainy strolls, time by the river, the right chai, baskets with lids, She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain on repeat, rice bowls, rice bowls, rice BOWLS and so much more! Thank you for the hospitality, my dear friend, and for the fuzzy, family feelings. But above all, thank you for the reminder and realignment to what matters most!

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