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Ashland, Ashland, Shall I Compare Thee...

You might know Ashland, Oregon as the setting of the 2009 movie adaptation of Neil Gaiman's book Coraline or maybe for its nearly 100 year running Shakespeare Festival. But, I'll bet you didn't know that it's also home to the world's only laboratory dedicated to solving crimes against wildlife. Ashland truly has something for everyone.

Although I spent less than 24 hours in this charming town, I still managed to go for a bike ride along the Bear Creek Greenway, through downtown and Lithia Park (designed by the infamous John McLaren, architect of Golden Gate Park). Ashland was once well-known for its mineral rich spring water, but I avoided drinking the lithia water from their public fountains. However, I did acquire a burrito the literal size of my head from Burrito Republic. It was delicious! Taking a step back in history, I went for a soak at the nearby Jackson Wellsprings. The mineral pools (both hot and cool) sauna and steam room were fantastic. It was a perfect day of discoveries and delights. Ashland has so much to offer!

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