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Arrival: Camphill

Finally, after traveling for three days, across three states, I had made it to Camphill intentional living community for adults with special needs. The mission of Camphill California is to create a community that supports all individual abilities and recognizes the potential of every person. Residents of Camphill California are dedicated to caring for the land using organic and biodynamic practices. The community is grounded in anthroposophical principles and aligned with the Camphill movement. It emphasizes relationships of mutual respect, ongoing education, meaningful work, and natural circles of support.

I met my roommates for the next 7 weeks which included 4 other co-workers and 3 friends/residents. (For their privacy I've changed their names to flower names.) My coworkers are Marigold (from Germany, working at Camphill for 3 years), Lily (Madagascar, 3 years), Jonquil (Germany, 10+ years) and Larkspur (Germany, 1 year). The friends are Bluebell (from CA, 70 years old, really into chanting and Buddhism), Chamomile (CA, 68 years, loves our housecat Charlotte), Chrysanthemum (CA, 40 years, their happy place in on the swings in the rain) and Ajuga (CA, 31 years, enjoys fast walking and doing calculations).

Everyone has been so welcoming to me, thus far.

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